Hello My Name is Ghost Factory

Hello My Name is Ghost Factory

Vote Satan

Have You Heard of Arson

Poor Maxwell Huckabee

Yay, Garbage!

This Is A Ballad… You Fucks

All available for whatever you think it’s worth over at Ghost Factory’s Bandcamp page

All money raised from the sale will go directly towards the recording of Tales of the Nothing Kid LP

Thanks all

Robbie Neil G

Comics Round Up, Volume 2 Episode 1: R-R-R-Rap Your Peni

The triumphant return of the Comics Round Up Podcast! Until a new page is set up this is the home of the Comics Round Up!

…also next time it won’t just be a mediafire link.





Owl Acoustic Lounge 07/27/12

I had the best night at the Owl Acoustic Lounge in Lethbridge this Friday. So good that it made me want to start updating this page a little bit more often and hopefully get some more stuff out for you all soon

A great guy Adam recorded the whole set and put it up on Youtube so thank a lot for that.

I’ll post this again in the Video section as well

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7QjM0KwtMg%5D

K ima go back to watching Luther now

P.S. have you watched Luther?

P.P.S You should watch Luther

P.P.P.S In the first version of this entry I spelled Luther ‘Luthor’ each time.

P.P.P.P.S I’m a big comic nerd, okay?!

Broken City Feb 29


Robbie G

Some nerds and a website

Make sure to check out Flashfact for the newest podcast featuring a brand new Ghost Factory tune as the intro.
Definitely more to come soon.


Make sure to swing by http://www.flashfact.org and check out our new online collective for pop culture and the like. Lots of brand new podcasts coming up and many a blog post to be read by all about a myriad of subjects. Also check out the forum which is open to any and all.


Some Nerds and a Website

Merry Happy

Hey there!

Merry Happy is now up and available for free download

I hope you all enjoy it and it makes the holidays just slightly better for you… but only slightly

1)Hail Santa

2)Pop The Question

3)Christmas Hooker

4)Boyfriend of the Year




Robbie G

Vern’s Show

Hey, Everyone!

Next Wednesday we’ll be playing the tracks off our new Christmas tape Merry Happy at Vern’s on 8th and 6th so come on down, wear a cute sweater, drink a hot cup of cocoa and listen to some music fun for the whole family! Songs like Christmas Hooker, Hail Santa and It’s Not Gay If It’s At Christmas! Bring your elderly friends and people who are easily offended.

Also if you check the music section of our site I have put links to our first full length Happy Good and the upcoming 7-inch Hello My Name is Ghost Factory. They’re totally free and easy to download.

Thanks a lot

Robbie G

Local Library show Dec 14

Hey, Dudes. Come down to Local Library at 7 tomorrow for a great show.

Local Library – 131 7 Ave SW Alley Entrance


Halifax’s Snail Party, locals Rape Revenge, Nick Field and Rotary Park will be playing. It’ll be a blast

Merry Happy

Robbie G

Merry Happy

Ghost Factory will be releasing a christmas album!

If you attended our last show at Vern’s you would have heard one of the new tracks “Boyfriend of the Year” and if you attend the show at Local Library this Wednesday at 7 you will be able to hear a few more! The whole album (of around 6 or so songs) will be recorded next Sunday so it will be available for a christmas release and will make the best stocking stuffer for anyone looking to be upset or offended.


Merry Happy



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